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FC Economist Bratislava is multinational & multicultural sports (mainly football/soccer) team based in Bratislava, Slovakia.Welcome all football fans!

Economist? Playing/Willing to play football? Near Bratislava? Welcome!

The goal of this team is not just to win a few trophies… but also to foster an environment in which everybody who loves football and enjoys getting together with friends, colleagues new and old on the field can meet others and have fun! Socialize with other economists, analysts etc. in or near Bratislava!

Ready for season 2014/2015 KAM League to start… [our first game was played on September 12th 2011 and since then we have been playing together every week].


FC Economist Bratislava, o.z.
Address: Pečnianska 29, 85101 Petržalka/Bratislava, Slovakia

Contact person/President of club: Radovan Kavický (radovan.kavicky@gmail.com, +421 949 716 214, radovan.kavicky@fceconomist.com)

ID (IČO): 42352649
Bank account (sponsorship): 2900457259/8330
IBAN: SK7483300000002900457259

Registered as civil association: http://www.ives.sk/registre/detailoz.do?action=aktualny&formular&id=205960

2. Uniliga
2014/2015, 2015/2016, 2016/2017
Rapid Bratislava

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